Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adventures at the San Diego Zoo!

This picture shows the comparison between the baby ("Frank the Tank") and the large silverback that is clearly in charge at the zoo.

 This gorilla liked to cause a little bit of trouble, and tried taking food from the littlest one, Frank the Tank, and the Silverback and him got in a little fight.
 The gorillas were expecting food but I was amazed at how the gorillas held their hands up in the air waiting for the food to be tossed to them, caught the lettuce heads, and then continued waving, signaling that they wanted more food.

 Watching the Silverback eat was interesting because he examined each piece of lettuce before eating it and was pretty picky about the parts he ate. He preferred the crunchy roots and threw the leafy part of the lettuce to his feet.
 I just took a picture of his foot because I couldn't believe how big it was! Also he was sitting very human-like while eating his lettuce, leaning against the glass window with his knees bent.

   Bridget, the Silverback and me!

 The Silverback was looking over all of the leafy remains and showing it to the younger gorilla.

Eating and relaxing, what a life!

The Silverback gets mad and chases the other gorilla!

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